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    Research center in Mechanical Engineering Dept. was recognized by VTU, Belgaum in the year 2011. 

    The students and faculties are encouraged to take up research in various domains of Mechanical Engineering. The students are given an opportunity to carry out internship and innovative projects in department and industries. The department has recognized guides for Ph.D. in various research areas of, Materials Science, Design Engineering, and Thermal Engineering.


     Sl. No. Name of the Guide  Research Area
     1  Dr. Kuppagal Veeresh  Production Management  
     2  Dr. Hiregoudar Yerranna Goudar  Thermal Power Engineering
     3  Dr. Nagaraj Kori  Fracture Mechanics, Energy Efficient Buildings
    4  Dr. A Thimmana Gouda  Maintenance Engineering, Management 
    5  Dr. Chitriki Thotappa  Supply Chain Management
    6  Dr. G Jagannatha Reddy  Materials 
    7  Dr. Shivakumar Modi  Thermal Engineering
    8  Dr. Manjunath Kondekal  Thermal Power Engineering



     Sl. No.  Name of the Research Scholar Year of Registration Title  Research Guide 
     1  S G Desai 2011 Free vibrations of three-phase EME shells  Dr. A Thimmana Gouda
    2  Jagadish.S.P 2012

    Investigations of Mechanical Properties on Biocompatible Composite Materials Used As an Orthopaedic Implants

     Dr. A Thimmana Gouda
    3  Manjunatha K 2012 Investigation of Biofuels in CI Engine  Dr.H Y Goudar
    4  K Suresh Kumar 2012

    Characterization and analysis of single point cutting tool by using hybrid composite materials

     Dr. K Veeresh
    5  Chandragowda M 2012

    Investigation of Low Cetane Fuels Vegetable Oils in CI Engine With Catalytic Combustion Using Semi Adiabatic BiMetallic Piston.

     Dr.H Y Goudar
    6  Vithal Rao Chavan 2013

    Some Investigation On Process Parameters Optimization In Modified GFRP Drilling

     Dr. K Veeresh
    7  K S Sreenivas 2013

    Constitutive Modeling of Heat Treated Shape Memory Alloy Wires

     Dr. K Veeresh
    8 K G Prakash 2013 A Study on PMC for the Engineering Applications   Dr. A Thimmana Gouda
    9  M.Balaji 2015 Experimental investigations on hybrid composites of aluminum using extrusion process  Dr.H Y Goudar
    10  U Shantha Kumar 2015

    Design Analysis and implementation of active magnetic bearing using fuzzy logic controller

     Dr.Chitriki Thotappa
    11  Mahesh G 2015

    Experimental Investigation to Achieve HCCI and Augmentation of Air Swirl using rotating Air Swirl Diffuser

     Dr.H Y Goudar
    12  R H M Somanath Swamy 2015 Experimental Investigation to Achieve HCCI and Augmentation of Diesel Swirl Injection using a Novel Rotating Diesel Swirl Diffuse  Dr.H Y Goudar
    13  Manjunath Swamy G 2015

    To Design Develop and Fabricate a directional control valve to control multiple actuators

     Dr. K Veeresh
    14  V.Balaraj 2016 Study Of Mechanical Characterization And Fatigue Behaviour On Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite  Dr. Nagaraj Kori
    15  Shivaprasad Desai 2016

    Experimental Investigation of Inlet Air Swirl and Fuel Spray Anatomy through Dual Fuel Injection with Twin Injectors on C I Engine Performance

     Dr.H Y Goudar
    16  G K Shiva Prasad 2017 Reduction Of Charging And Die Casting Car Stack Emissions At Recovery Coke Ovens  Dr. Chitriki Thotappa
    17  Vaddin Chetan 2017

    Investigation On Thermal Behaviour of Opaque Ventilated Facades A Passive Cooling Method

     Dr. Nagaraj Kori
    18  N Swamy 2017

    Multiple objectives based investigation for performance of reconfigurable manufacturing system

     Dr. A Thimmana Gouda
    19  Virupaksha Gouda H 2017

    Investigation of polymer matrix composites for various medical applications

     Dr. A Thimmana Gouda
    20  B G Chandru 2017

    Fabrication and characterization of cryogenic treated AL7075/TiC composites for machine tool operations

     Dr. A Thimmana Gouda
    21  Achutananda K B 2017

    Influence of cementite from martensite phase on the fatigue behavior of dual phase steel

     Dr. Nagaraj Kori
    22  Pavan B S 2017

    Investigation and Performance Evaluation of Different types of nanofluids in the shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

     Dr.H Y Goudar
    23  Veeresh Kumar 2017    Dr.H Y Goudar





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